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You have not yet enrolled in the Ebola Training Course. Our online professional classes consist of 4 courses dealing with hazardous waste materials including a section specifically focused on safely handling the Ebola Virus.
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General Awareness – General awareness and familiarization is a brief introduction to the overall requirements and oversight for shipping hazardous materials. This is a broad scope, explaining the general requirements and guidance.
Function Specific – Function specific training is job related training and more specific than the general awareness/familiarization training. This section is specific to the shipping requirements for regulated medical waste. This section covers classification, packing and shipping papers. This training is designed to educate regulated medical waste shippers specifically.
Safety Training – Safety training is a compliment to your current training. This establishes some guidelines for safety associated with shipping of regulated medical waste including Ebola waste specific details. This section covers items such as precautions, personal protective equipment, loading and unloading, securing loads, and emergency response.
Security Awareness – Security awareness training helps to enlighten medical waste shippers on some of the security precautions they should consider when shipping regulated medical waste. This section discusses security in the shipping of hazardous materials, and overall restricting access to hazardous materials to only those that have a need to gain access.
Upon the completion of these courses you will immediately receive a certificate that complies with the US. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state law.

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